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Sometimes God needs a good laugh...

12th February, 2006. 10:40 am. snowy daze

Today is a work day for me. While getting up at 7 am on Sunday can be quite painful, I secretly like my Sunday mornings at work. They are all mine... no one else in the office. I can work or procrastinate or hang out with clients or ??? Today there is quite the blizzard outdoors. I shoveled snow for the first time in my life... It was actually kind of fun until the snowplow came and threw the snow back onto the sidewalk I had just shoveled... which just led me to chuckle a bit and go back inside... I'll try again in hour. There is plenty of snow to keep the city busy for awhile...

You know how it is commonly believed that people receive karma* when they do something- either good or bad? For example, if you help an elderly lady cross the street you will be paid back with good karma or if you litter you get paid back with bad karma? I wonder if a person can receive pre-karma. By this, I mean can a person go through a run of unfortunate incidents as a way to "pay for" future good fortune? Someone very close to me has had a pretty awful weekend. I like to think that this string will be followed up by a mass totally amazing experiences. It seems only reasonable!

I have started attending Dharma discussions. I have found that regardless of the lecturer, the same words are spoken.... yet, the same people attend each week (including myself) to hear the redundant message. I have wondered what keeps us going each week... perhaps in hope of hearing something new? to keep the message fresh- as a reminder? or simply to feel that we have a spiritual side? Gathering in a group can make a message seem more "real." It requires you to think about a subject that you may ignore when left alone... in the same way people have gym partners as a way to make themselves work-out, people have spiritual partners to keep them aligned to their values. I suppose some people may see this as cheating- I have been guilty of having that mindset myself. But I believe that having people that aid in us keeping our lives in check with our stated priorities is a good thing. I think we need support systems... not that we can't live without them, but if we are lucky enough to have them, by all means, take advantage...

Mucho Afecto,

*karma- I am aware this is actually not a correct use of the word; I use the term in its vernacular sense.

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24th July, 2005. 9:27 am. Summer in the city...

Life progresses, and everyday I get a little older... not much to show for it except the memory of some distraction... I wonder if it gets better than this;)

Who were you??

Ah, yes. I thought you looked familiar!

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30th June, 2005. 4:39 pm. Fire Marshall Jill

I went to a fire safety training today for work... I walked away a 'Fire Marshall." This means I know how to get the hell out of a burning building and to call the fire dept if flames are lashing from an inappropriate area of a building. It took them 6 hours to tell me this (sans the 1/2 lunch break)... but I got a cool title!

Life is slowly coming around to almost feeling like my own... sometimes I get that feeling that I am just in one of those *lender* bodies until my real self gets repaired... but more often than not, I am feeling like the real me. I went on an incredible camping trip last weekend. There was a lake along the way for my swimming pleasure as well as one near the place I laid my tent. I have decided that camping near a nice watering hole is must if one is so inclined to go on a camping adventure in the steamy northeast. I am also a believer in the words "bugs be gone" as a more effective measure in fighting mosquitos than the usage of icky ol' Deet. My lack of bites will express such sentiment when compared to the bites that others received that have done similar hikes using bug spray. Power to belief!

Cheers to the many of you I have not spoken to in ages. Thoughts are of course there, but the course is often not... I hope our paths cross again soon... and, yes, if you are wondering, I am talking to YOU!

Current mood: relaxed.

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28th April, 2005. 9:00 pm. Kids make me smile!

I volunteered last week for Career Day at a local school. Today I received thank you notes from the kids to whom I spoke. Many of their words brought a smile to my face, and I thought they might entertain you as well... Here are some excerpts...

"Thank you for teaching us about anthropology. I don't think I want to be one, but I like knowing what I will not be."
"I learned alot from you. Before walking into the room, I did not even know what anapathology was, but now I do."
"Dear Gill"
"Dear Mrses Jilly"
"I think your job is really coll cause you get to do stuff."
"You are interesting. I am a pretty big fan of Indiana Jones and want to wear his hat. Do you have a hat like his?"
"I want to be an anthroplogy, but it might be a little boring. But I want to be one."
" I love that you travel. I have traveled many times. I have gone travelled to my grandparents 44 times an hour from here."
"I want to travel. How long does it take to get there?"
"When you travel are there mosquitos?"
"Thank you for coming. I forget what you talked about, but it was nice."

Okay, I could go on, but I won't as I realize this may not be as funny to you as me...

Last week I also got the opportunity to testify for a bill regarding the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists. This was my first time going to such a hearing, and it was quite an educational experience. My political activity has been pretty limited, so I greatly appreciated actually being part of the process and developing a deeper understanding of it. The experience also made me realize how ignorant I am to legislation and has encouraged to want to learn more.

How is everyone's week? I hope y'all had something bring a smile to your faces!

Current mood: amused.

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25th April, 2005. 3:40 pm. Welcome to this World!

Another tiny human has entered this life... Welcome Liv! I hope it is all you hoped it would be!

Current mood: optimistic.

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27th March, 2005. 10:39 am. time of firsts

One of the greatest things about living in a new place is that you get to experience many first time experiences. Traveling does that as well, but usually on a grander scale as. Living somewhere allows you to appreciate more mundane firsts. The following are a few firsts I have experienced in the last few weeks...
-- participated in Taize singing and meditation (really great stuff that I would recommend if given the chance. I did not find it hokey as I often do with religious services)
-- met my first legally married gay couple. One of the attendants, a lesbian, said it was so amazing to hear the words that gave credit to the marriage. She said that even though it is just symbolism that it meant a great deal that their marriage was officially acknowledged. How great!!!
-- went candlepin bowling http://www.bowlcandlepin.com/Rules.htm Good fun indeed.
-- went to a gay bar in rural Mass. This was a unique experience for me as I am used to the beautiful drag queens and sexy gay boys dancing with each other in Seattle and San Fran. The dance floor of this place was a sea of mullets, 80's clothes and very hairy cross dressers with butt rock karaoke upstairs. It was like being back in Texas but the men were kissing rather than fighting.
-- met the coolest Unitarian minister who is the most open person I have met since moving east. She is very sincere and her attitude on life is quite refreshing.
-- won a $25 gift certificate at pub trivia.
-- had a waitress who actually made my friend from out of town cry! My friend is not used to the New England attitude and had much trouble dealing with it. When the waitress yelled at her for simply looking at (not ordering from) the lunch side of the menu during breakfast hours, my friend just couldn't take it. She made me promise that if she ever visited me again that we would rent movies and stay locked up in my room. I was sad that she didn't like it here, but it can be pretty stressful if you are used to living in a laid back environment.
-- had my boss leave me angry messages because I was not answering my home phone. When I finally called her back (a whole hour after she left the messages), she just wanted to make sure she had the right number. I think she may be the aforementioned waitress' sister.
-- woke up in my own home to 12 inches of new snow!
-- went to my first what I think is commonly referred to as a *crack house* Having never been to one before, I am only assuming by things such as finding a cooker on the staircase, a guy passed out in the corner of the hall and another man asking if I had "any". At any rate, I am disappointed that this is where our tax dollars go for public housing. I understand that we can't afford 4 bedroom homes for everyone, but it seems we ought to be able to figure out a way to provide people, especially those with kids, a safe place to live.

I could go on, but I realize this is already an unreasonably long entry, so I shall stop. I just wanted to share some of my recent experiences that stick out in my mind. I am still getting used to it here.

Current mood: mellow.

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18th March, 2005. 10:04 am. David Sedaris

Do you ever feel like you have found a hidden gem on this planet and go to share your discovery with others only to find that they have known about it for years? This has happened to me many times. For example, I remember going to play frisbee golf for the first time about five years ago. I loved it and wanted to get others involved, saddened by the thought that my friends might be bereft of such a fun activity in their lives. As it turned out, just about all of them had played it or were currently playing with a group of friends on a weekly basis. Where the hell had I been? It was like this underground cult to which I had just learned the secret handshake--gratifying to learn about it, but kind of disappointing that it took me so long to be one of the *cool* kids. Anyway, I had a recent experience with the writer David Sedaris. Apparently the rest of the country has known about him for years, and I am just now being let in on the secret. I write this just in case there is anyone left out there who is not aware of this writer and is looking for some humourous fiction. I found myself laughing out loud dozens of times while reading Me Talk Pretty One Day . Damn funny!

Interestingly, a day after reading Mr. Sedaris' Barrel Fever , I saw a shirt with a quote from the book on it: I may not go down in history, but I will go down on your little sister.

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2nd March, 2005. 9:27 pm. It's been a day!

I am both amused and bemused that the following events made my day...
--saw a sign behind a pole that read: Re Cut Condom (after crossing the pole, I saw that the sign actually said Red Cutter Condominiums, but it was too late, it will forever be known in my world as the Re Cut Condom building)
--a man way older than my grandfather offered to *buy* me, offering not his usual $20, but $40 cause I was pretty
--witnessed a fight between a man and a woman... apparently she had worn yellow which he was supposed to appreciate because it was her best color, but he had failed to notice (in his defense, I am not really sure yellow was her best color. I think she was more a blue girl)
--got to hear Bobo's rendition of 'Jeremiah was a Bullfrog' at least 6 times while waiting for the subway

Hope your day was as entertaining!

Current mood: amused.

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7th February, 2005. 10:33 pm. Yankee or Dixie?

91% Dixie... Is General Lee my father?

Current mood: amused.

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4th February, 2005. 4:39 pm. West Coast Girl Turns East Coast

As I wring out my socks, I think to myself that perhaps walking through (not over, though I tried) 3 snowbanks was not such a good idea. Of course, I have never lived where it snowed, so I'm still in Kindergarden when it comes to snow etiquette.

Well, folks, I have transplanted to the east coast. I will confess I miss the the northwest, but I am slowly getting used to Dunkin Dounuts, the subway, black coats and the pervasive sound of voices resembling Patty and Selma. I am an avid traveler, and I think of this as another one of my adventures. I live is a swell location with lots to explore AND I am getting a paycheck, so that is a bonus. I had a quick jaunt back *home* to get my stuff, but I missed most of you. But please feel free to come visit anytime. You have all offered me food, drink or a place to stay at one time or another, and I would like repay y'all for your kindness. I hope all is well out there and that life is treating you like a superstar complete with the grapes and fans and a pool boy named Pablo.

Current mood: cold.

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